Aero Precision is a popular AR-10 and AR-15 manufacturer, specializing in stripped, assembled, and complete component manufacturing. The company had its origins through the aerospace industry but reached a peak during the mid ’80s and since then has grown exponentially. In fact, they moved facilities and expanded manufacturing during the VID. A time many manufacturers were closing down – Aero Precision was expanding. Aero Precision’s product lines have some good options available.

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Improved AR-15 Lowers With Reliable Performance at a Great Price

Aero Precision has a couple AR-15 product lines – the M4E1 and the AR-15.

Lower Receiver Options

Aero Precision’s 2 main lower versions for AR-15 platforms in a range of models. The most recent and most popular models is the M4e1 lower receiver.

Complete or Stripped Lower Receivers

Aéro Precision offers lowers in a couple different versions: stripped and complete.

Aero Precision Stripped Lower

A stripped lower receiver is an ATF controlled other firearm. The stripped lower receiver requires a lower parts kit and buffer tube kit to complete it.

Aero Precision Complete Lower

A complete lower receiver is an ATF controlled other firearm. The complete lower receiver will have the lower parts kit and buffer tube already installed. It may or may not have a stock on it.

AR15 Lower Receiver – AR15 Gen 2 Model X15

Aero Precision’s Gen 2 (model X15) lowers are manufactured in 7075-T6 alloy. If you need a classic no-frills AR15 lower it would have to be this mil-spec lower.

AR15 Complete Lower Receiver w/ FDE MOE Grip & SL-S Carbine Stock - FDE Cerakote

The main difference between the lowers and mil-spec ones is the lower tension screw.

The lower tension screw helps make the upper and lower receiver a better fit, making it not rattle when moved. Many lowers don’t have this feature, it comes in handy when using another manufacturer’s upper. One quick turn of the screw will adjust the fit between upper and lower receivers.

AR15 Lower Receiver Gen 2 Colors

These lowers are currently available in:

M4E1 Lower Receiver

This lower receiver is Aero Precision’s most popular lower. It is a billet lower from aluminum alloy. The M4E1 lower supports standard AR15 parts, magazines, and upper receivers.

The good news is the lower also features the tension screw mentioned in the AR15 Gen 2 lower.

M4E1 Stripped Lower Receiver - Anodized Black

This lower also features a screw-set for the magazine catch – no more punches to install bolt release button. It’s a quick install and saves lower finishes from scratches while using the punches!

M4E1 Lower Receiver Colors

These lowers are currently available in:

Special Priced AR15 Lower Receivers

From time to time, there will be BLEM receivers for dealers to sell to the public. these do not include Aero Precision’s normal warranty. However, they’re the perfect base for your AR15 build. These lowers include:

  • BLEM M4E1 – Black
  • BLEM M4E1 – FDE
  • BLEM AR15 – Black
  • BLEM AR15 – FDE

Special Edition Lower Receivers

Aero Precision also does some special edition lowers, typically with their M4E1 model AR15 stripped lowers. These include:

  • Franklin Snake M4E1
  • Thunder Ranch M4E1 (FDE or Black)
  • Texas AR15 (FDE or Black)
  • M16A4 Clone AR15
M4E1 Stripped Lower Receiver, Special Edition: Thunder Ranch - FDE Cerakote

Aero Precision Lower Parts Kit

There are many options when it comes to Aero Precision Lower Parts Kits. They have FDE or Black versions of the pistol grip. They also have different versions of the MAGPUL pistol grips or your standard A2 pistol grip.

You can also purchase lower parts kits specific to the M4E1 or AR15.

These kits can also not include fire control groups (FCG – aka trigger), pistol grips, or trigger guard.

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Aero Precision Warranty

Aero Precision stands behind the quality of its product (except BLEM products). If for any reason there was an issue, go to their terms and conditions page to start a claim.

They do not cover issues relating to work you’ve done to alter their product. However, if something doesn’t fit, or has a defect, start a claim and describe the issue. We have not read or heard of any issues with Aero Precision following through with their warranty.

Damaged items

The same goes for damaged or blemished (purchased as factory new) products – contact Aero Precision and start a warranty claim.

Failed Background Checks

Aero Precision offers a refund with a 30% restocking fee due to underage purchases or failed background checks.

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