It’s great to go out and buy a brand new fully assembled AR-15 rifle. I feel the habit gets a bit stale though after your second or third one though. You have a rifle, carbine, then braced pistol – what do you do next? What I’ve found – is it’s fun to build rifles to stretch components as far as you can – for this, we suggest using an Aero Precision X15 Lower for your first budget build.

What is a budget build?

A budget build is a rifle build that has a set budget for all components for the build.

You might do a budget build to save some money. You might also want to limit yourself in how crazy you allow a build to go.

This doesn’t mean your build has to be garbage parts. On the contrary, you’ll need to keep a keen eye on parts and what’s available. Some dealers may have sales or need to move product. These are the best times to build a great budget build.

A person’s budget build will vary from person to person. Some may be working to build an amazing rifle under the cost of their dream manufacturer rifle. Some may just want a rifle that shoots bullets downrange and do not care about the quality or the sub MOA guarantee barrel.

What sets Aero Precision apart from other manufacturers?

Aero Precision is often known for their M4E1 AR15 lower receivers.

However, the Aero Precision Model X15 is everything you need for your budget build. It is still quality manufactured using all of the quality controls used in their higher end lowers.

Depending on the Aero Dealer you purchase from, you might find a great deal on an X15 set.

Worth Firearms has a couple X15 models in special edition colors, Burnt Bronze and OD Green.

The Aero Precision X15 Lower

The Aero Precision Model X15 Lower is a no frills AR15 lower. It doesn’t have the same features as the M4E1 though. The missing features are the:

  • Milled and marked for short throw safety selectors
  • Threaded bolt catch
  • Integrated trigger guard

Despite missing the features above, the Aero Precision Model X15 is still manufactured with strict quality and tolerance controls.

You’ll be thankful for the upper tension screw too … Aero Precision doesn’t say you cannot use other upper receivers. They truly want you to enjoy shooting, whether it’s 100% Aero Precision or not.

Features of the Aero Precision X15 Lower

The features of the Aero Precision Model X15 include an upper tension screw, flared magwell, and threaded rear takedown pin hole.

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Worth Firearms keeps the Aero Precision stripped lower in stock. We often sell the upper and lower parts in stock as builder sets. You purchase all the parts in a set and save $25 – $50 on the set.


You can ultimately go a few different routes with your X15 lower. Here are your options:

#1. Buy a builders kit

Worth Firearms sells builder kits in all different configurations and colors. We currently stock:

#2. Buy individual parts

  • We could also sell the parts from the builders kits separately – we do however suggest buying as a set to save the money.

#3. Buy a complete lower

Aero Precision offers complete lowers. Worth Firearms doesn’t not currently carry these but can aid in the transfer to your collection!

If you go the stripped lower route for your Aero Precision X15, we recommend the following parts and brands.

Tools needed to build a lower receiver

  • Armorers block
  • Hammer
  • Hex Keys
  • Screwdriver
  • Vise

How long does it take to build a lower receiver?

You can easily build one of these over a couple hours. It really depends on how experienced you are in building one.

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