Back to Basics with the Aero Precision AR15 Stripped Lower Receiver 

Back to Basics with the Aero Precision AR15 Stripped Lower Receiver

This is the counter argument to our article on Your next AR15 build should be with the Aero Precision M4E1 lower. Why counter our own argument? Read below.

Pro’s of the Aero Precision AR15 Stripped Lower Receiver

There are a few reasons home based gunsmiths would choose an Aero Precision AR15 stripped lower receiver for their new AR15 build.

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Retro Style

You may not like him. You may hate him. You might even comment on his videos, fight with his fanbase or even subscribe to his. Garand Thumb’s retro rifle video gave me the butterflies when he talked about the M16A2, carrying handle and all. Some guys live for this. 

You might want to recreate your military hero’s rifle. While I’d say there are many GWOT heroes to look up to, many are still trying to recreate Randy Shugart’s fabled M14 rifle

Regardless of your reason to get the retro style, you’re looking for a crisp and clean stripped lower receiver. Look no further than Aero Precision’s AR15 Gen-2 Stripped Lower Receiver.

Lower Cost

The Aero Precision AR15 stripped lower retails at 109.99. This is a great price point. The M4E1 stripped lowers retail at $124.99. You may also find these on our site at $94.99. Sign up for our newsletter to get weekly updates for when they go on sale.


When it was “riot season” and COVID time, guns flew off the shelf. Ammunition was gone. Reloading supplies were gone. Guess what? So were lower receivers. The M4E1’s were gone first. The AR15 stripped lower receivers were in stock more often than the M4E1’s. 

Dealers like us keep these in stock for these times. People who were able to find one during the tougher times were very grateful to their gun dealers and Aero Precision.

Similar Features to the M4E1

When you use an AR15 stripped lower from Aero Precision, you’re some of the great M4E1 features on the lower. 

Upper Tension Screw – Lets you fine tune the fit of the upper and lower receivers. This helps get that perfect fit with any standard AR15 upper receiver.

Increased Magwell Flare – Listen, if you buy a gun without a flared magwell – it’s garbage. It’s so standard nowadays. Aero Precision AR15’s feature this. Don’t settle for less.

You’re Sadistic

You really want to break that trigger guard don’t you?!

Con’s of the Aero Precision AR15 Stripped Lower Receiver

Aero Precision has an amazing manufacturing process and quality system at their plants. But there’s a reason the M4E1’s are more popular than the AR15’s.

You’ll Miss the Key M4E1 Features

These lowers do not include the integrated trigger guard and threaded bolt catch. Are these features make or break for you? 

They shouldn’t be – they’re nice to have though. Be cautious in using your hole punches and you’ll be fine. Don’t screw any of this up … check out Ballistic Advantage’s video series on assembling an AR15.

You’ll Need a Standard Lower Parts Kit

That’s right – you won’t use a specially packed lower parts kit without all the extra crap in it …. 

Actually, the easier way to say it is that you’ll need a lower parts kit with all that extra crap in it. It’ll come with the bolt catch pin and trigger guard.

These shouldn’t cost much more (if at all) than a typical M4E1 Lower Parts Kit.

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