Best AIWB Holster Today [2022]

Trigger alert: Acroynyms contained in this article.

If acronyms trigger you – then you may not want to read this article. I often find myself wondering what different acronyms mean. My wife mentioned the SEC and voting. I was impressed, as my doesn’t seem to follow the news, stonks, or any financial press. She actually meant the SEC division for college football. I’ll hand over my man-card now – you’re welcome.

But alas – we’re here to discuss everyday carry (EDC). What is a everyday carry gun? It’s a gun you can carry on your person while living life each day. Some people will choose to carry larger guns and others micro pistols.

I have a concealed carry/firearm license in the state of Texas. I do not carry at all times. My 9-5 will not allow me to do so. I may carry in my vehicle or when traveling – but I don’t do it a ton. Here’s what I’ve learned from my time as a concealed carrier and great tips for those new to the concept. For this post we’ll discuss the AIWB (appendix inside the waistband) carry. Watch for our other posts describing the OWB (outside the waistband) and IWB (inside the waistband) carry positions.

AIWB – Appendix Carry

This is my least favorite carry position but also best option in my opinion. Let me explain – I’m a fat guy. My gut doesn’t like the appendix carry. My love handles don’t like the IWB or OWB either. To me though, the AIWB it’s the easiest to conceal. I feel as if it’s easiest to conceal versus a firearm on my love handles.

Raven Concealment – Special Edition Holster for 3 Letter Agency

Pro’s of AIWB:

– Can be reached with the strong and/or weak side hand.

– Weapon retention is better – if someone gets in that space you’ll know it much earlier than someone by your hip.

– You can conceal carry almost any size firearm.

Con’s of AIWB:

– No fatties allowed – this option can be difficult if you’re overweight or have general discomfort with something in that area of your body.

– Negligent discharges could be fatal – your femoral artery could be in the direct line of your weapon, causing quick death.


Find a good holster – don’t keep your firearm naked in your pants, pointing at your genitals or femoral artery. I am a big Raven Concealment holsters fan. Check out their special run holsters. Less than 100 were released to the public!

A good ol’ standby brand is also Safariland holsters. They’re great at giving you the right fit for just about any firearm.

Safariland Glock 17 Mid Ride Level 1 RDS Holster – Black

Find a firearm that has external safeties or is double action. A negligent discharge near your groin is surely something you want to stay away from.

Don’t buy an IWB holster for AIWB – go for the AIWB specific holsters.

Don’t violate any of the safety rules! Which ones are we concerned most about?

  • Putting your finger on the trigger without putting your gun on target. You’re not ready to shoot because you’re not on target – wait until you’re on target.
  • Don’t point your weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot. Don’t point that weapon in towards your body when reholstering. Again – FATALITY – your femoral artery could be in direct line of sight for the appendix carry.

Watch the video below from Brownell’s on AIWB concealed carry. If it’s right for you, check out our special AIWB options from Raven Concealment and other concealed carry options.

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