Welcome to a world where gun enthusiasts can find their haven in the heart of Fort Worth! Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a newcomer looking to get started, there’s a place tailored just for you. With an extraordinary retail space, state-of-the-art shooting range, and thrilling events, get ready to discover the best Fort Worth gun store in the city.

Key Takeaways

  • Worth Firearms is the best gun store in Fort Worth, they also carry the best selection of AR15 parts and accessories.

  • Defender Outdoors Shooting Center is the best gun range in Fort Worth, offering an extensive selection of firearms and accessories.

  • The center provides a “try before you buy” experience on select handguns as well as premier indoor shooting range facilities and amenities.

  • Defender Outdoors also hosts special events with discounts for members, veterans, and law enforcement personnel to foster responsible firearms culture.

Worth Firearms – the Best Selection of AR15 Parts in Fort Worth

Worth firearms carries the largest in-store selection of AR15 and AR10 parts in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

We carry Aero Precision and DPMS lowers, uppers, and accessories. We have dealer accounts with these companies and can get you just about anything.

We also have access to the most popular firearms available. Taurus, FN, Glock, the list goes on. Check our site or e-mail us if you have a particular firearm you’re looking for!

Fort Worth’s Premier Indoor Shooting Range

Gun Range in Fort Worth, Texas

Defender Outdoors isn’t just a gun store; it’s also Fort Worth’s preeminent indoor shooting range. With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, this gun range provides an unparalleled shooting experience for both novices and experienced shooters alike. Whether you’re looking to practice your skills or simply have some fun with friends, this is the place to be.

We’ll examine the range’s facilities, amenities, safety measures, and the etiquette expected to maintain a secure and pleasant shooting environment.

Range Facilities and Amenities

An image of the interior of the Fort Worth Gun Store, showcasing the range facilities and amenities available.

The premier indoor shooting range in Fort Worth offers a variety of services, including:

  • Events

  • Classes, such as basic firearms safety and concealed carry classes

  • Retail, with a wide selection of firearms, ammunition, and accessories for purchase

  • Gunsmithing services

When it comes to gunsmithing services, the leading indoor shooting range in Fort Worth has you covered. With services like cleaning, repairs, and modifications, you can trust the experts at Defender Outdoors to keep your firearms in top shape.

Safety Measures and Etiquette

Safety is paramount at Defender Outdoors Shooting Center. The premier indoor shooting range in Fort Worth implements strict safety measures to ensure a safe shooting environment for all visitors. These measures include:

  • Comprehensive safety rules and guidelines

  • Trained range safety officers

  • Proper ventilation systems

  • State-of-the-art equipment

Trained range safety officers are responsible for ensuring that all visitors adhere to the safety rules and guidelines while providing assistance and guidance to shooters. The range also utilizes state-of-the-art ventilation systems and equipment, including air filtration systems, air conditioning systems, and sound dampening systems, to guarantee a secure shooting environment.

Original Fort Worth Gun Shows

For gun enthusiasts in Fort Worth, the Original Fort Worth Gun Shows are a must-visit event. Hosted by Premier Gun Shows and held at the Will Rogers Center, these shows provide an opportunity for visitors to:

  • Browse an extensive selection of firearms, accessories, and related items

  • Interact with numerous vendors and exhibitors

  • Discover something new and exciting

To ensure you are part of these sought-after events, we’ll share details about the upcoming show dates, locations, admission and parking specifics.

Upcoming Show Dates and Locations

Mark your calendars, as the Original Fort Worth Gun Shows are scheduled for October 7 & 8, 2023, October 28 & 29, 2023, and December 30 & 31, 2023. These highly anticipated events take place at the Will Rogers Memorial Center, a premier Texas event center, in Fort Worth, Texas. Make sure to plan ahead and attend these exciting shows, where you can find incredible deals and a vast array of firearms and accessories to choose from.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your journey into the world of firearms, the Original Fort Worth Gun Shows offer a unique opportunity to explore the latest offerings, meet fellow enthusiasts, and learn from industry experts.

Admission and Parking Details

General admission for the Original Fort Worth Gun Shows is $10 (cash only at the gate), and children aged 11 and under are admitted free of charge. Make a day of it with your family and friends, as you explore the vast selection of firearms, gear, and accessories on offer.

When it comes to parking, the Will Rogers Center provides parking for a fee of $12. With convenient access to the event, you can focus on enjoying your time at the Original Fort Worth Gun Shows without any hassle.

FFL Transfers and Services

In addition to their impressive retail space and shooting range, Worth Firearms also offers FFL transfers and services. An FFL transfer refers to the transfer of possession of a firearm from one Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) to another FFL holder or a customer. The process involves the transferor (seller) shipping the firearm to the transferee (buyer) via a licensed FFL dealer, who will then carry out a background check on the transferee and ensure that all pertinent laws are adhered to.

For a clearer understanding of this process and the supplemental services the gun store provides, we’ll delve into the particulars of the FFL transfer process and the additional services available.

FFL Transfer Process

The FFL transfer process typically involves the following steps:

  1. The recipient being present at the FFL’s licensed location

  2. Completing the necessary paperwork

  3. Undergoing a federal background check (or presenting a LTC)

  4. Initiating the transfer with an ATF form

  5. Fulfilling the required documentation

Complying with the guidelines and requirements set by the FFL dealer is crucial. By following the correct procedures, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free FFL transfer experience.

Additional Services

Fort Worth gun stores like Worth Firearms provides a range of additional services to cater to your every need. From retail sales of firearms, ammunition, the store offers a comprehensive selection of services for both novice and seasoned shooters.

The knowledgeable staff at Worth Firearms provides personalized service to help customers select the appropriate firearm for their requirements, as well as offering advice on ammunition, gear, and other related topics.

Family-Friendly Environment and Programs

Defender Outdoors and other Fort Worth gun stores, such as Texas Gun Experience, provide a family-friendly atmosphere with modern indoor gun ranges, quality gun shops, and a range of services for both novices and experienced shooters. These stores offer a welcoming environment where families can learn about firearms and participate in various programs together.

We’ll discuss the various family-oriented initiatives these gun stores offer, ranging from safety classes to youth programs.

Youth Programs and Education

Fort Worth gun stores recognize the importance of educating the younger generation about firearms and offer a selection of youth programs. For example, Shoot Smart’s Summer Youth League provides firearm fundamentals training for children aged 8 to 15. This comprehensive program covers firearm safety, handling, and shooting, ensuring that kids develop a strong foundation of knowledge and skills.

In addition to youth programs, the store also provides classes on gun safety, gun maintenance, and other related topics involving guns. These educational opportunities cater to all ages and skill levels, fostering a safe and responsible approach to firearms.

Special Events and Discounts

Fort Worth gun stores host a variety of special events throughout the year, such as the annual gun show, re-enactment gun fights, and member-only events. These events provide an opportunity to further your knowledge, hone your skills, and meet like-minded individuals in a fun and engaging setting.

In addition, the stores offer discounts to members, veterans, and law enforcement personnel. With a focus on providing value and a welcoming environment, Fort Worth gun stores are committed to serving their community and fostering a responsible firearms culture.


In conclusion, Fort Worth’s premier gun store, Defender Outdoors, offers a comprehensive range of services and facilities, from an extensive retail space and state-of-the-art shooting range to FFL transfers and family-friendly programs. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting your journey into the world of firearms, Defender Outdoors provides a one-stop-shop experience that caters to all your needs. With exceptional customer service, knowledgeable staff, and a commitment to safety and education, it’s no wonder Defender Outdoors stands out as the best gun store in Fort Worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to go to the Fort Worth Gun Show?

The Original Fort Worth Gun Show costs $10 for general admission, with a weekend pass available for $15. Law enforcement personnel and children 11 and under are free of charge, however those under 21 must be accompanied by an adult. Please check The Original Fort Worth Gun Show’s website for updated admission cost, times, and dates.

Where is the largest gun show in Texas?

The H.G.C.A. hosts the largest gun show in Texas at the NRG Center three times a year, open to all.

Can you conceal carry at a gun show in Texas?

Yes, you can both open and concealed carry at the Real Texas Gun Show but it cannot be loaded.

Will Rogers original Fort Worth Gun Show?

The Original Fort Worth Gun Show, hosted by Premier Gun Shows and held at Will Rogers Center, will be taking place in Fort Worth, TX on Dec 31st, 2022-Jan 1st, 2023 and Feb 11th-12th, 2023, Apr 29th-30th, 2023, May 20th-21st, 2023, and Jun 24th-25th, 2023.

What types of firearms are available at Worth Firearms?

Worth Firearms provides a range of firearms, including shotguns, carbines, and handguns, plus ammunition, gear, and accessories.

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