Browning Arms 2021 Company Catalog

Browning Arms was first started in 1878 by the two Browning brothers in Ogden, Utah. When you think of Browning, what do you think of exactly? I often think about their accessories – which seems like blasphemy. They have so much more to offer than low priced range bags. The Browning Company offers lines in the shotgun, rifle, and pistol categories – as well as hunting, shooting, and fishing accessories.

Browning Firearms


Browning Arm’s 2021 shotgun offerings include break-action, autoloading, and pump-action shotguns.

Check out their site for more information about their guns – but I’d like to highlight their BT-99 break-action trapshooter shotguns. You will not find a better combination of quality and price in a break-action trapshooting shotgun.

Browning Shotgun

Also check out the semi-automatic A5. Browning offers a 100,000 round guarantee on this shotgun. The bells and whistles not his shotgun are astounding.

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And of course, there is the BPS pump-shotgun. It features not a left, or right, but a bottom side ejection port and is popular amongst fowl hunters across the United States.


Browning Arms offers both bolt action and rimfire rifles.

Among the many options for bolt action rifles, we feel the most interesting is the X-Bolt. If you’re not familiar with the term free-floating barrel – it’s a method of mounting the barrel to a rifle where the chassis or main parts of the rifle do not affect the accuracy of the barrel to its target.

The trigger is also hailed as revolutionary – without any slack or take up, the rifle is ready to fire at the slightest pull of the trigger.


Browning offers a few lines of pistols. A Buck Mark, a 1911-380 and 1911-22. After all – shouldn’t the creator of the 1911 (created by John Browning) have his own line of 1911 pistols? The 1911-22 shoots a 22 caliber bullet and is 85% the size of your typical 1911.


The 1911-380 was purposely built for the .380 caliber round. The pistol is also 85% of the size of your typical 1911 pistol. It’s touted as the perfect size for concealed carry.

Browning Accessories


Browning Arms offers a wide variety of clothing for your big game, waterfowl, upland, etc hunt. You can get their many camouflage patterns in hooded shirts, sweatshirts, pants, jackets, hats, and safety vests.

Shooting Accessories

When I think of Browning, I’m often thinking of my first range bag. I think I bought one from Cabela’s – and it held all my stuff, didn’t collapse when I put ammunition in it, and had plenty of space for multiple pistols.

Browning Headphones

Browning also offers holsters, sights, safety/protection, shooting rests, and cleaning supplies. We’ve outlined our most affordable gun cleaning sets in this post.

Gun Cases

Browning offers three distinct versions of gun cases. Specific or fitted gun cases are made specifically for certain firearms types. The hard cases work great for your various firearms and can be shared between different firearm types. Lastly, Browning offers flexible cases for their various firearm types.

Browning Double Gun Case

All of these cases are perfect for your next firearm.


We sell knives at Worth Firearms but truthfully I’m not the most knowledgable on them. Browning offers various survival, hunting, and other sharp edged tools. We also sell a variety of sharp edged tools from different manufacturers.

 Ignite 2 Survival Knife


Browning has their own selection of headlamps, flashlights, and spotlights. We personally prefer this low priced streamlight with three color modes.

Browning offerings and Worth Firearms

Worth Firearms carries a variety of firearms and accessories from The Browning Company. If you find yourself needing an FFL to transfer a recently purchased firearm from the internet or another gunshop – consider Worth Firearms for your FFL transfer needs.

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