Aero Precision is a leading AR-15 parts producer. The company has its roots in the aerospace market but broke into this industry by the late 1990s and since then its growth has increased exponentially and rapidly. Is it worth looking at Aero products?

M4E1 Lower Receiver

Aero most popular lower receiver is the M4E1. The M4E1 was made from 7075 forged aluminum and is available in either anodized black or FDE cerakote.

They also offer some unique colors and special edition releases, like the Special Edition: Texas receiver set.

The M4E1 lower is compatible with most AR-15 accessories and magazines. It also has a rear detent hole with threads for buffer tube kit installation.

Aero Precision Lower Parts Kit

Now you have a great idea of which lower part kit will fit your Aero Precision-stripped upper receiver. It isn’t difficult to build lower receivers with lower parts kits from Aero Precision. They even provides video tutorials. Aero Precision has an extensive range of lower parts kits that have different grip sizes.

Aero Precision Stripped Lower

Aero offers a couple different lower models: M4E1, and X15. You can buy these stripped or completed.

What is a stripped lower?

The lower is the only part of the weapon that requires an FFL. It is the only component which can be considered firearms.

Aero Precision stripped lowers are very similar to your Lego base. You have a blank slate to make your own weapon.

Just select your own components for your build and complete this project. Check Worth Firearm’s website for a full list of components we sell to make your dream build a reality. We even offer special edition parts as well.

Aero Precision Lower and Upper Receivers

Although lower may not be a key part of the AR15 this doesn’t mean it should be skipped. They have many options based on custom looks or the feel of forged lowers.

The Aero Precision lowers feature extended magwells to give faster and stronger insertion. Lowers also offer a tension set screw which gives you the best fit with most upper receivers on the market. Combining these features with impeccable machining, smooth finishes and smooth finish.

Aero Precision Free Float Handguards

There are many types of free-floating handguards, which fit practically any build type.

The new industry standards KeyMod or ML-LOK modular systems give you an easy way to reduce weight and attach the accessories you desire.

Aero Precision improved rails feature ergonomic 1.75 ” inside diameter ideal for smaller hands as well as an integral look with a 1.5” surface. Gen2 features include sloping, new top rail profiles, integrated QD sockets, and new milling designs for better grip and visual appeal.

Aero Precision Complete Lower

Complete lowers are very different to stripped lowers.

The modularity and options with complete lower receivers are huge compared to the blank slate of a stripped lower.

The possibilities of making a lower together can be enormous. But if you’re not a builder, opt for a complete lower for your custom rifle.

Stripped Upper

Stripped uppers generally consist of forged upper-screen receivers and look the same. Some are built for the M4E1 and X15 weapons system. They can be purchased as stripped, assembled, and as complete uppers.

If you purchase a stripped upper, you’ll need to purchase an upper parts kit.

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