How an Aero Buffer Tube Kit Can Transform your AR15 and AR10 Build

There are tons of buffer tube brands out there. Some include all the required parts, some do not. Some don’t help you understand the difference between a commercial and mil-spec buffer tube. Today we’ll discuss Aero buffer tube kit options and which you should choose.

Aero Precision Enhanced Buffer Tube Review: It Really Does Work!

We’ve built Aero Precision lowers with both a enhanced buffer tube and mil-spec buffer tube. If you’re a veteran rifle builder, it’ll take a little bit of getting used to.

Buffer tubes a vital to the AR15 platform. They reduce recoil and all – but what else could they help with? Aero Precision took a whole new approach when designing the Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube.

They included features like carrier support extensions, position guide holes and ramping on the tube. This adds reliability, security, and simplicity to the normal mil-spec buffer system.


  • Carrier Support Extensions – Supports and guides the BCG into the buffer tube after firing a round, preventing tilt and unnecessary wear on the BCG.
  • Position Guide Drain Holes – Each position features a drainage hole that removes water from the system in wet environments. During routine operation, cycling is smoother, by allowing additional air to escape during the compression cycle of the rifle.
  • Ramped Tube Design – Allows for easier installation of traditional carbine stocks. They removed the need for messing around with screwdrivers to get furniture over the end of the buffer tube. Hold down the adjustment piece, push your stock onto the Enhanced Buffer Tube, and you’re all set.
  • Proper Thread Depth – Traditional buffer tubes have extended unused threads. These cause your stock to become trapped when fully collapsed. While some turn these threads down, Aero Precision correctly machined the threads to the proper depth, providing a much cleaner look.
  • Mil-spec Dimensions – The buffer tubes are machined from a 7075-T6 Aluminum Impact Extrusion at mil-spec dimensions. All standard carbine stock options made to work with mil-spec buffer tube dimensions are compatible with our Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube.
AR15/AR10 Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube - OD Green Anodized

Aero Precision Warranty

Aero Precision’s warranty is second to none. You can read the most updated version here.

How long is Aero Precision Enhanced Buffer Tube?

Materials: 7075 T6 Aluminum. Final: Anodizing. 3.88 ounces. Longevity: 7.20 “.

What is the difference between enhanced buffer tube and MIL-spec?

The enhanced buffer tube have the following features over the mil-spec buffer tube:

  • Carrier Support Extensions
  • Position Guide Drain Holes
  • Ramped Tube Design
  • Proper Thread Depth

While Aero Precision also manufactures hour normal mil-spec buffer tube, you’ll find the features in this kit are second to none when building your AR15.

Is Aero Enhanced Buffer Tube worth it?

The Aero Precision Enhanced Buffer Tube is well designed. Do you need it – no. You need a buffer tube though. Why not get one that helps your build go smoother and your rifle’s manipulation go easier.

What buffer tube does Aero Precision use?

MilSpec 7075-T6 Aluminum Tubes With 6 Positions.

Does Aero Precision use mil spec buffer tubes?

Aero Precision’s Buffer Tube Kit is made from 7075 T6 aluminum. Its mil-spec dimensions make it an excellent choice for your build.

What buffer does Aero Precision use?

It depends on which lower you use. It may use a rifle, carbine, or pistol buffer. Each has its advantages when running your rifle.

All buffers are manufactured using mil-spec specifications and is suitable for use in AR15 carbines with a collapsible buttstock all the way to rifle length systems.

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