Everyone knows what the AR15 is. But does everyone know the difference between the AR15 and the AR-10? Aero Precision is a well known manufacturer for their AR15 parts like the bolt carrier group, adjustable gas block, and others. But did you know they also have an AR-10 line of products? Learn what an Aero Precision M5 could do for your big bore AR-10 range trips.

What is a good AR-10 lower?

The Aero Precision M5 (.308) AR-10 lower is an industry standard when it comes to big bore AR-10 builds. If you’re choosing to build a big bore AR rifle like a .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor – look no further.

aero precision m5 special edition: Texas stripped lower receiver

The Aero Precision M5 billet lower is machined from 7075-T6 forged aluminum. While many people on the internet say the Aero Precision M5 is a true DPMS pattern compatible lower, many have reported compatibility issues.

80% Arms discussed the differences in this article. Their biggest sticking point was the angular cut in the AR-10 lower receiver, near the butt end of the lower. The Aero Precision M5 doesn’t have this style cut and is similar to a DPMS style upper’s contour. Their article did not take the Aero Precision M5 into account though.

Looking at the SR-25 below, you can tell that it has a diagonal back end of the lower receiver. The Aero Precision M5 308 stripped lower receiver does not – this leads me to believe that the Aero Precision M5 will fit DPMS cut uppers, with the rounded or curved back end.

The Perfect Lower Receiver For Your Rifle Caliber AR-10 Build

The Aero Precision 308 M5 lower receiver is specifically designed for the construction of the AR-10. The lower has mil-spec dimensions and coating ensure the highest quality and correct component interface.

Aero Precision M5 Complete Lower

Features of the Aero Precision M5

An Aero AR10 Lower works with standard AR 308 components and magazines.

With features like an upper tension screw that makes the upper fit more snug with the upper. This feature makes it compatible with most AR-10 manufacturer upper receivers.

The Aero Precision M5 lower is milled and marked for short throw safety selector compatibility. Aero’s threaded bolt catch design means no roll pin needed. This helps save your lower receivers from nasty bolt catch pin mistakes

Flared magwells are common in the M5 stripped lowers. Other popular features are integrated trigger guards, and a threaded detent pin channel (the 4-40 set screw is included in the Aero Precision M5 Lower Parts Kit).

What’s included in the standard M5 Lower Parts Kit?

  • Included in the full M5 Lower Parts Kit:
    • Aftermarket pistol grips includes Magpul MOE® Grip in Black or FDE
    • Aftermarket pistol grips not your thing? You can also grab a kit with an A2 pistol grip tang.
  • *M5 (.308) Takedown Pin
  • *M5 (.308) Pivot Pin
  • Takedown/Pivot Detent
  • Takedown/Pivot Spring
  • *M5 (.308) Bolt Catch
  • Bolt Catch Buffer
  • Bolt Catch Roll Pin
  • Bolt Catch Spring
  • *Extended Magazine Catch Button
  • Magazine Catch Body
  • Magazine Catch Spring
  • Buffer Retainer
  • Buffer Retainer Spring
  • Safety Selectors
    • Swap this one out with an aftermarket battle arms development short throw selector
  • Safety Selectors Spring
  • Safety Selector Detent
  • 4-40 Set Screw (for threaded takedown pin detent hole)
  • Trigger
  • Hammer
  • Trigger Spring
  • Trigger/Hammer Pins
  • Hammer Spring
  • Disconnector
  • Disconnector Spring

Available Colors

This lower receiver is available in FDE and Black. Worth Firearms also sells a Black Builders Kit which includes an enhanced buffer tube kit, lower parts kit, and stripped lower.

Special Editions

Over Independence Day and Memorial Day – Aero Precision will offer special edition lowers. The Franklin Snake stripped lower was introduced over Independence Day 2022.

aero precision m5 stripped lower: franklin snake - black

Monthly Builders Sets

Each month Aero Precision introduces a monthly builder’s set. Builder sets are done with Aero Precision M4E1 and Aero Precision M5 models.

These sets are cerakoted at one of Aero’s most trusted cerakoters. Using specialized Cerakote coating ensures the highest quality and attention to detail. Lowers can be cerakoted with the American Flag, Gadsden Snake, Arctic Camo, Woodland Camo, etc. Sometimes these aren’t usually offered to dealers but are available to the public via their retail website.

The QA team at Aero Precision aren’t no slouches either. I’ve seen Aero discount their builder sets because the cerakoater the highest quality standards that Aero Precision expects.

Is Aero Precision M5 mil-spec dimensions?

The Aero Precision Complete Lower 308 (M5) and stripped lowers have mil-spec dimensions. Aero Precision’s M5 is forged from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy with is a billet design.

Is Aero Precision M5 DPMS style?

Aero Precision used to say their M5 was DPMS compatible. However, some buyers have found compatibility issues. Some report DPMS style uppers “hang over” the sides of the M5. I have not read about any issues regarding shooting the M5 though with a DPMS upper. Follow safety rules and perform a weapons check prior to using a DPMS upper with an Aero Precision M5 lower receiver.

How much does an AR-10 lower receiver cost?

Many manufacturers offer AR-10 lower receivers and their prices range greatly from $60 to $400. An Aero Precision M5 in Black from Worth Firearms is around $175. The FDE lower is $192. An entire builder’s kit in black is $328.

Do AR-10 and AR-15 use the same lower receiver?

No. Because the width, length, and weight of the AR-10 is greater than the AR-15. Thus, rounds shot from an AR-10 are larger than an AR-15. You need more room for those rounds. Also, the explosion from shooting an AR-10 round usually produces more force than an AR-15, requiring sturdier lower receiver parts than an AR-15.

While the buffer tube itself is usually interchangeable between the AR-15 and AR-10, the buffer weight and spring will vary because of the blowback force of the .308 round.

Are AR-10 lowers universal?

The AR-10 lower is universal to AR-10 standard parts and receivers. Some shooters reported issues with DPMS uppers and AR-10 lowers not fitting.

AR-10 lowers will not fit AR-15 or PCC products.

Looking to build a smaller caliber rifle? Read our in-depth review.

Is the M5 a 308?

The M5 is compatible with 308 and 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition. So, M5’s upper receiver’s barrel will dictate which caliber can be used.

Is Aero Precision billet or forged?

The lightweight Aero Precision m5 308 stripped lower receiver is a billet receiver, featuring an integrated trigger guard and other neat features. Features include:

  • Works with standard AR 308 components and magazines
  • Upper Tension Screw – Allows users to fine tune the fit of the upper and lower receiver through the use of a nylon tipped tensioning set screw inserted in the grip tang of the lower receiver.
  • Rear takedown pin detent hole is threaded for a 4-40 set screw
  • Bolt catch is threaded for a screw pin (no roll pin needed)
  • Integrated trigger guard
  • Standard selector no gap markings will work with 45, 60 or 90 degree safety selectors
  • Accepts Battle Arms Development 90/60 degree safety selectors, but will work with any standard selector
  • No gap with aftermarket pistol grips

Read: Billet vs. Forged Differences

M5 vs AR15

In this instance – think of AR15 vs M5 – think of an M5 as a AR-10. The differences are clear. The AR-10 shooters larger caliber rounds while the AR15 shoots your standard .223 Remington, 5.56 mm, .300 BO, etc.

We are a Texas based company and do not know every state’s laws. Most states (perhaps all – know your local laws) allow stripped lowers. We know California doesn’t allow some lower parts kit configuations. Speak with your local FFL regarding local laws.

Aero Precision Warranty

If your warranty is invalid or non-functional, contact Aero Precision directly. Follow the directions for submitting a help desk ticket. They’ll get you taken care of.

Worth Firearms does occasionally offer BLEM M5 stripped lowers. But, these are not covered under Aero Precision’s warranty. They do not meet their high aesthetic standards. The lowers work, but may be marred or have small imperfections.

Damaged items

When you have a dispute regarding a defective product, open a help desk ticket directly with Aero Precision. They will make it right.

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