There are many options when it comes to AR mags. My brother bought an Aero Precision builders kit from me and needed to buy his first set of AR-15 magazines. I guided him towards a couple options. He did rigorous research before purchasing. Did he get the best one? He did – he bought five Amend2 AR-15 30 Round Magazine MOD-2 magazines.

What is the best AR-15 magazine on the market?

  1. Amend2 AR-15 30 Round Magazine MOD-2 – Best Polymer AR-15 magazines
  2. Magpul D-60 PMAG AR-15 Drum Magazine – Best Drum Mags
  3. MAGPUL PMAG 40 Gen M3 40 Round Magazine – Best Higher Capacity Mags

#1. Amend2 AR-15 30 Round Magazine MOD-2

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Amend2 30 Round Magazine in Black

Pro’s and Cons


  • Light, durable polymer body quality magazine
  • Ready for cerakote
  • Anti-tilt follower
  • Cheaper than “popular” polymer mags


  • Not a well known brand
  • No window

Our experience with the Amend2 AR-15 30 Round Magazine MOD-2

My brother built his own AR-15 from one of our Aero Precision kits. It’s his first AR-15. Before heading to the range, I gave him the option: MAGPUL PMAG without the window or an Amend2 AR-15 magazines. He chose the Amend2 magazine – after reading reviews, watching videos, he was excited to put it good use.

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We’re happy with its performance. It’s cheaper than a comparable PMAG but we really wish they had a window. Don’t be fooled though if you’re not familiar with this brand. We feel it’s a value buy as compared to other brand names. At this price and brand, you won’t have to sign your life away to buy 5 magazines at a time.

#2. Magpul D-60 PMAG AR-15 Drum Magazine

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Magpul D-60 PMAG AR-15 Drum Magazine

Pro’s and Cons


  • It’s a 60 round capacity magazine
  • Windowed magazine
  • Ratchet system to help load
  • Seats fully when bolt is forward
  • Brand is used by the military – so it’s reliable
  • Durable polymer magazine


  • Difficult to load
  • Difficult to unload (i.e. – your ammo isn’t allowed on the range)
  • Not recommended for .300 AAC Blackout
  • Costly

Our experience with the Magpul D-60 PMAG AR-15 Drum Magazine

We loved shooting this. What else is better than firing more than 30 rounds from a single magazine? It’s well balanced when loaded or half empty. It doesn’t get in our way as much as you think it might. We like that it’ll seat successfully when the bolt is forward. It’s an important feature if you are indeed in a fight for your life.

MAGPUL’s AR mags are synonymous with quality and are extremely durable. There’s a reason it’s one of the most popular brands in firearm accessories.

The cost is an issue for us. Don’t get us wrong, it’s freakin’ sweet to shoot 60 rounds from a single magazine. However you could buy 6 or more PMAG’s at 30 rounds a piece for lower cost than this magazine.

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We like to be ready for anything that comes at us, we are sure you’re the same way. That’s why we fill our magazines whenever we have the ammunition. We go to a local range that doesn’t allow FMJ. We had drum AR magazines full of FMJ and had to unload them before getting on the range. It was a pain to figure out – the ammo flies out rapidly (which can be good) but we weren’t prepared for it.

How many rounds will this hold? It’s in the name! The D60 holds 60 rounds.

#3. MAGPUL PMAG 40 Gen M3 40 Round Magazine

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Pro’s and Cons


  • Higher capacity – 40 rounds for much more economical than the D-60
  • Most military and milspec products are configured for PMAG’s
  • Excellent value compared to the D-60 or 30 round PMAG’s
  • Brand is used by the military – so it’s reliable


  • Windowless
  • Counting to 40 seems tougher than 30 …
  • May not work with some AR-15’s because of the lip on the rear of the magazine (i.e. – Beretta’s ARX100)

Our experience with the MAGPUL PMAG 40 Gen M3 40 Round Magazine

We really like this magazine. And who doesn’t? It’s from one of the most popular brands out there. It almost became out #1 best AR magazine. MAGPUL’s magazine is synonymous with quality and reliability. Its use in the Marine Corps proves that. It’s an excellent value against the D-60 and the 30 round PMAG.

We use MAGPUL’s AR-15 magazines with our AR-15’s.

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Our greatest nag however is that it’s windowless. But compared to the 30 round magazine and the bulk D60, it’s still our favorite among other higher capacity magazines. How difficult could it be to add a freakin’ window?

How do I know if a mag is illegal in my state?

Unfortunately there are many anti-second amendment groups that exists. Something dealers find them useful for is explaining state and local laws. We use Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence as a method to keep up with individual state and local law updates.

While this is a great resource, check with your local sheriff for the full details.

Does 300 Blackout fit inside these magazines?

No, you’ll need to buy 300 Blackout magazines. Magpul offers 300 Blackout PMAG’s and ones in other calibers.

What type of mag does the military use?

The Marine Corps uses the 30 round PMAG from Magpul. These are standard issue.

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Can I get mags in different colors?

The Amend2 mags are cerakote ready. Many people like to cerakote or spray paint their magazines to match their rifles or camouflage to their local area.

Amend2’s magazines are also available in FDE and OD Green.

Will standard capacity mags get banned?

We sell a lot of Aero Precision lower receivers. Aero Precision is based out of the state of Washington. Washington just banned standard capacity magazines – allowing no more than 10 round magazines. Having magazines over 10 rounds is not illegal – but you cannot sell them to anyone in WA.

Why do we mention this? Who knows what legislation will come out in your state. Many people think their state is safe from this kind of legislation until it happens. We always tell customers, they need to buy extra magazines. If they get banned – you can pass them down to future generations like your children.

What’s our rating criteria?

  • Will it shoot in an AR-15?
  • Have we personally experienced feeding issues or malfunctions with the mag?
  • Is it used by the military or law enforcement?
  • Looking at reviews, what’s the overall sentiment towards that brand?
  • Is the mag available and have good supply in the marketplace?

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