What You Need to Know About Buying a Suppressor in Texas after the Texas Suppressor Bill Passes

Texas passed a firearm suppressor bill in 2021 that can be summed up as, “If you are buying a suppressor that’s made in Texas and it doesn’t leave the state, then you can legally do so”. This isn’t quite so cut and dry though.

Much like states that have legalized marijuana, the possession and use of it is still federally illegal. Now – are you going to prison for 10 years and getting fined $250,000 for it? Probably not.

But you could be with unlawful possession of a suppressor.

How to legally buy a Texas Suppressor

Now let’s be real here. You can still own a suppressor if you have a clean background. It takes some time (the stamp for my Form 1 SBR took over six months) and money to do this legally. But the potential downsides of illegally owning one (or building without registering) are so high that I wouldn’t risk it – so buy or build it properly.

Step 1 – Find and buy your suppressor

You’ll need to purchase from a local Class 03 dealer or purchase it online and ship to your local Class 03 dealer. Sorry – per federal regulations, you cannot ship a firearm to your house – you definitely cannot ship a NFA (stands for National Firearms Act which is a federal law) item to it either. The federal government makes all purchases go through a federal firearms licensee.

Worth Firearms is a Class 03 dealer specializing in NFA items. Choose us for your next suppressor Class 03 dealer!

Once purchased, keep your model, caliber, manufacturer, and serial number handy. You’ll need all these things for your Form 4.

Step 2 – Get your paperwork together

You’ll need two passport photos and a fingerprint card. I use a local IdentiGo service for this. The one by me is located in a small business shipping store. They’re also a FFL. It’s strange to walk in, see knick knacks, shipping supplies, pretty wind chimes, and then firearms for sale.

The staff there knows what you’re doing and why it’s necessary. Hopefully your local facility will too. They walked me through the entire process, told me what to do and what not. They even offered to mail the paperwork for me (for a fee).

****FORM 4 VIDEO*****

Keep an eye out for our ATF eForm 4 article.

Step 3 – Play the waiting game … or not?

Now you wait. Once the stamped Form 4 from the ATF has been received, check back you’re your Class 03 dealer. You’re all set to pick up your silencer.

What if you don’t want to wait? I’d hate to give this secret away … but some Class 03 dealers have ranges. And some ranges, will let you visit your NFA item as long as you don’t take it away from the facility. I’ve never done this personally but if your range allows it – it’s a huge benefit.

Trust me – your range will want it back. If they dealer is audited by the ATF and the paperwork is missing for the silencer – they’ll be in big trouble.

Why bother buying a Texas suppressor?

You have a unique opportunity to support a local Texas business. Worth Firearms has partnered with Torrent Suppressors as an in-stock suppressor dealer. Torrent’s line of MIT (made in Texas) 30 series suppressors are built for up to .300 Win Mag with an interchangeable muzzle nut for your different calibers (.30, 6.5, and 5.56 – sold separately).

Torrent MIT 30 Series Suppressors

MIT30L – 9.54”

MIT30K – 6.45”

Who is the ATF? What is the ATF’s job?

ATF stands for Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. The ATF is an agency under the Department of Justice. Which, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is under the executive branch of government.

The ATF’s job is to enforce federal laws and federal regulation as it pertains to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

While many don’t consider suppressors a firearm, it’s governed under the rules and regulations from the DOJ – which the ATF enforces or is guardian over.

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