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Where do I find a place to buy a gun?

You might ask yourself, “How do I find guns for sale near me?” The answer isn’t quite so simple. There are many options out there but how SHOULD you find and buy a gun online? To buy guns online is an art form for sure. You should really consider your options before deciding to buy a gun online. Your options are: In person from

  • a gun show
  • another person with a local ID (if permitted in your state)
  • a federal firearms license dealer – aka FFL, gun store
  • big box stores
  • a auction website (gun broker, arms list, etc)
  • a manufacturer (Larue Tactical, Daniel Defense, etc)

I personally have not purchased from a person via the state ID route or a gun show. You should consult your local laws on how to do this or if it’s even allowed in your state. This article though focuses on buying from an FFL, an auction website, or a manufacturer.

Shopping for your firearm

How do you buy a gun online? Which gun should you buy? That should be your first question. If you’re looking at a particular brand or style of gun, I’d suggest looking at the manufacturers specs first.

Do you want a Sig Sauer P226? Or a Sig Sauer AR15? Check out

Perhaps something for home defense? The cheapest option or the most Gucci shotgun ever known? Are you shooting skeet? Maybe a side by side.

Are you going hunting? Check out the Remington 700 bolt action rifle options from

Your possibilities are really endless – but you need to be clear and concise on what you need and want?Something I personally like to do when I’ve found my dream firearm, is to look at other brands. Sure you want a 1911, but do you want the old standard – Colt 1911? A Sig Sauer 1911? A Palmetto State Armory (PSA) 1911? Again, options are endless. So can the price tags.

A PSA 1911 retails from the PSA website at around $600 while a Nighthawk Custom 1911 averages around $4,000.

$3,500 for your next gun?
Or 7 new guns at $500 a piece?

Build a relationship with your local FFL to get the very best price on your firearms. Many dealers have access to distributors that they can buy the firearm for a reasonable price. Show them some love for saving you money by buying a magazine or gun cleaning kit as an add-on. The good margin from a firearm sale is not made at the dealer level – it’s made by the manufacturer.

How do I buy a gun online?

I’ve seen a lot of rumors swirling around about how you can buy a gun on your local selling/swap page on Facebook. Let me tell you – it’s the exact opposite. It’s difficult to just sell magazines on there – if it’s firearm related, it’s not eligible for sale. Much less a firearm (though to be honest I’ve never tried – it’s illegal).

I’ve seen gun sales transform during the COVID-19 years. I think a lot of FFL’s benefit from sites like and An FFL can continue to operate its local gun shop and sell slow moving stock over the internet. Some FFL’s are also able to drop ship directly from their distributor straight to a customer’s desired FFL.

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Buying a gun or receiver and shipping to your FFL

To buy guns online you must first meet federal and local state requirements to buy a gun. It is actually not up to the seller to verify your requirements to own or purchase a gun. It’s up to the FFL that transfers the gun to you. Don’t buy guns online without knowing if you meet the requirements. Why? See below.

**WARNING – If you buy from someone and you don’t pass the background check or cannot legally take possession of the firearm in your state, you will not receive a full refund, if any at all. Many places charge a 20% restock fee. I’ve been to stores that just take your money and say “Too bad” A good gun shop or online seller with make it clear what their policy is. And no – your local FFL doesn’t want to be responsible for selling it or moving it.

Buying a gun locally (in person) using the same FFL

If you’re doing a transfer where both parties are using the same FFL, then the process should be relatively easy. The FFL will let you know the local requirements to purchase a firearm and walk you through the background check/firearm license process to receive your firearm. Typically an FFL charges a transfer fee for this service. These fees range somewhere between $20 – $50.

Buying a gun from a local gun store’s website

I’ve actually done this before myself. My gun dealer had a gun for sale for $120 more than what his website said. So I treated it like an online gun store – I bought the gun, had it shipped to his store, and he did the paperwork for $25 bucks. It saved me $95 and I bought some magazines from him too. Because that’s what you should do!

Buy Guns Online from an Online Gun Store or and Auction Site

Here are the details you really came to this article for. How to buy guns online from an online gun dealer or auction site.

Online gun store

If you want a rare or hard to find gun, you will have to do some searching. Gun shops around you area may not carry the gun you’re looking for. I’m currently searching for a M45A1 (an early pistol issued to MARSOC Marines – I used to do supply for MARSOC, so I’m partial to what gear they’re using) – it’s not for sale anywhere around me but a gun store in Ohio had one. I could easily call or e-mail the gun store offering to buy it from them at an agreed price if they shipped it to my local FFL. It’s as easy as that – expect to pay up front and cover shipping costs. Get a tracking number – even the best FFL’s don’t unpack their deliveries right away and your gun might get lost in the shuffle of many guns inbound from suppliers or distributors.

Online auction site (GunBroker, ArmsList, etc)

So you decided to skip the online store and buy from law abiding Americans on the “eBay for Guns”. Congrats – get ready for a potentially wild ride. I have the most experience using GunBroker – I’ve bought plenty of rifle parts from other sellers and my basic experience has actually been great. I am friends with another FFL and he’s purchased new guns (and used), parts, upper and lower receivers, and he’s even sold some of the same items on there. Buying online through GunBroker can be a bit complicated at first.

Here are some basic things to keep in mind:

  • A lot of these sellers are home-based FFL’s just trying to make a profit to live their lives. Because of the anti-2A (second amendment) sentiment from big tech and banks – it’s really difficult to find payment processors willing to associate with the gun industry. Anyone who takes a debit or credit card is subject to a fee. You will likely need to pay a 3% fee if you pay this way. You can send a check or money order without the 3% fee.
  • I’ll still use my credit/debit card because I will feel better knowing I can make a claim if the seller doesn’t follow through on sending the item or its damaged in-transit.
  • THE FIREARMS MUST SHIP TO AN FFL. The FFL network can look each others license up via a database with the ATF. Let your FFL know where to send the seller or seller’s FFL their license information (usually via e-mail) so the process can go smoothly.
  • Request shipping with a tracking number. I haven’t had issues with missing shipments but I want to see why my FFL hasn’t received the item. “It says delivered” “Well I didn’t get it” “Here’s your signature” “Oh – it was buried in my mail from 3 weeks ago”.
  • Pay attention to whether the auction information says new or used. Not all used firearms are bad, but you’re paying a premium for new vs used firearms.

Tight Markets

It’s a great time for responsible gun ownership – unfortunately it’s also made the market very tight, causing these auction sites to increase in abundance. We’re currently at a tipping point where we may have hit the peak of panic buying and we’ll see greater used guns for sale at your local gun shop or auction website.

Select an FFL dealer

Before you click buy – you should definitely have an FFL dealer in mind. Without one, your transaction may sit in limbo. If it sits in limbo and a seller gets tired of waiting, they might report your account to the administrator (GunBroker, ArmsList, etc), sell your item to someone more responsive, and have an attitude while working with them.

You can find an FFL dealer list with the ATF or use an FFL Locator.

Contact the FFL before shipping random guns to their business or home.

Getting your firearm

So your firearm arrived, your FFL told you it was there (or worse you had to tell them it was there) and you’re ready to pick up accessories and ammunition for your new gun. Before you get all excited, you still have some work to do at your FFL.

Federal and State Requirements

Your FFL will verify your eligibility to receive the firearm. Requirements include: 18 years of age, no felony convictions, no use of illicit drugs, and a few others. Some state rules may also affect your ability to purchase a gun. Be sure to talk this over with your FFL (preferably before buying and shipping it).

NICS check

The purchase must pass NICS before the dealer could transfer possession at FFL. This is commonly referred to as a background check and is made with the FBI. If your state participates in a handgun or concealed carry license, you may not need this check. For instance, in the state of Texas – I can purchase a firearm by showing my drivers license with information matching my handgun permit.

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